Dinner al fresco for two


My little garden set has finally arrived and I couldn’t be happier with it. This 2-chair set from Ebay is part of the growing trend of bistro style rattan furniture that I keep seeing everywhere. The chairs are a little straighter than the ones I’m seeing everywhere with a more rounded shape. But this is exactly what I was after, and I think it suits our tiny little garden perfectly and complements our little decking area quite well.

I don’t know if other parents feel the same way as I do but when you’re decorating your house it’s very easy to lose yourself (or your style) in the whole idea that the house must be child-friendly. And that’s important, of course, but it doesn’t have to be the work frame or template to make your house a home. As much as I take functionality into account- and having kids will require a lot of accommodating and child-proofing the space – I still want part of me to be embedded in the style of my home. I still want the adults who live here, i.e. my husband and I, to feel as if they have their place here.

My children have a balcony upstairs that is entirely theirs – complete with table tennis, a stable and some chairs. I really wanted to create something for my husband and I – a little corner for us to have dinner al fresco or a drink after the kids have gone to bed, on a warm summer night. I think I’ve achieved this and I cannot wait for us to start enjoying this little space.

At just £99 this is a great option if you like this trend but also enjoy switching things up every couple of years. I know I probably will!

click here to buy.


Here’s what the set looks like without the props:


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