The art of patience and gratitude – We finally got our DFS Euphoria sofa

If you follow me on social media  You will know that for the past few months my family and I have been living with an unwanted sofa. I know this sounds very ungrateful, seeing as that sofa was brand new, comfortable and perfectly functional. But it was the wrong choice, the wrong colour and the wrong material… and I make no apology for initially sulking and feeling completely cheated by DFS online.


The moment the sofa was delivered, my heart sank. I was extremely disappointed and immediately thought of exchanging it. I bought throws and cushions to try and rescue   style it, but it made no difference. I still saw the sofa as ugly*. I guess that’s what happens when you buy a sofa online without taking the time to go to the showroom and actually see and touch it.

In my defense, the sofa looked nothing like the pictures and I’m glad to see that DFS has now discontinued this model. I don’t know if my experience was the catalyst for this decision (!) But it was definitely a case of false advertising, in my opinion.

So DFS agreed to exchange our product. I selected a new model, this time got a feel of the fabric and just knew it was the one for our home. But this was only the beginning of a lengthy, exhausting wait. We ordered the Euphoria corner sofa (coulour: LINEN) in February and were promised a delivery within 7 weeks. However Coronavirus had different plans for us.

Three days before our scheduled delivery, DFS email us to let us know all deliveries had been put on hold due to the lockdown, and that they’d be in touch when they’re ready to resume.

Now. I’m not one to complain, and I completely understood the circumstances and the need for keeping their staff safe. But we were so close!

As the days went by, the unwanted sofa became somewhat of a  part of the family; I reluctantly adopted it and became “used to it”. The sofa was fine in itself, no real issues with it, quite cosy and easy to clean. I guess you could say that we were grateful we had somewhere to sit and watch movies as a family, or relax after a long day at work… Even though I knew there was better in store for me, I decided to be content with what we had while waiting for our promised sofa.

If this isn’t a life lesson in patience and gratitude, then I don’t know what is!

After a 3-month wait, our new Euphoria corner sofa was finally delivered and boi, was it worth the wait! I mean look at this beauty. We are so incredibly pleased with it, it brightens up our home and makes the space look ten times more elegant. The sofa is comfortable, the cushions are neither too firm, nor too soft. 

So what’s the lesson here? You may find yourself in a place that isn’t quite where you want to be. But in order for your blessing to arrive, and for your destiny to come to fruition, it’s important to learn appreciate and be grateful for where you are.

Your promised blessing will eventually arrive. Be patient, see the positive in whatever circumstance you’re going through. Yes you may sulk and complain at the realisation that you’ve been let down, or hurt… but what will this achieve? Hang in there, and find the silver lining.

*P.S.: If you really want to see what the old sofa looks like, go my Instagram. Because ugly sofa or not, I still had to post content, ha! But I was quite transparent about my disappointment. And very strategic with my angles.

6 thoughts on “The art of patience and gratitude – We finally got our DFS Euphoria sofa

  1. Beautiful sofa! I am considering this one. Did you go for the upgraded seat cushions or the standard foam ones? Are they comfy either way? Thanks.


  2. The sofa looks great. We’re thinking of getting one. We’ve got a Sofology Cubos on order but the customer service is the worst ever! We saw the Euphoria today so may get that instead. Is it holding up okay so far?


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