Hi! I’m Waïki. I’m a lifestyle blogger and occasional vlogger living in London with my three children and my husband. After much encouragement from friends and people around me, I created this space to document my journey as a young mother trying to juggle family life with career, marriage and everything that comes in between.

In this blog I share snippets of my life, motherhood, career, some of the places I visit in London and the things I love – from style and interior design to food; not just recipes from my own kitchen but also reviews from some of the best places to brunch and dine in London. You will also read about my passion for all things equestrian and my musings as a rider in London.

As much as I use this blog as my personal diary, I also want it to be a space for other women and mothers to connect and discuss, and one day, invite other writers to submit guest posts. Feel free to leave comments under my posts – this is your hub too!

I hope you enjoy this little peek into my world and finding out what it’s like to do things à la Waïki!