Home decor update – Living room


Wow, it’s been a while! I’m going to skip the part where I list all the excuses as to why I haven’t posted in so long – I think we can all agree the last few months have been quite a whirlwind! But I’m back, with a few interior design updates made to my home. You will recognise some of the furniture, the art… I guess the biggest update is that we have a new corner sofa, but it turns out, it isn’t our forever sofa. We ordered it online from DFS (collection discontinued), thinking it would look amazing in our home. But when it arrived, my heart sank. The disappointment was real. I’ve since shopped for a new one, but due to the coronavirus and the lockdown, delivery has been put on hold. So at the moment, we’re just making this one work within our space! This entire process has definitely taught me a lot about patience…


Throw – TK Maxx

Tassel cushion – Primark

Rectangle cushion – TK Maxx

wp-1587591719210.jpgI recently moved this black ladder shelf from our bedroom into the living room. Styling is simple and decorative more than anything. Ebay no longer sells this specific shelving unit but Click here to buy a similar one that looks just as lovely. The baskets are from Argos, the yellow vase is an old one from TK Maxx if I remember well.

wp-1587590050735.jpgOur dining area hasn’t changed much over the months. It’s still the simple, bright and airy space it was previously. The only difference is actually the view into the patio. Our little outdoor area looks completely different now, and I’ll post that update in few moments. 

Table: Click here to buy

Chairs: Click here to buy

Place mats:  Click here to buy.



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