Amazing Amazon Find: Click-Deck hardwood decking tiles


Want to know how I created this small decking area in my backyard? Read on… This is probably the best thing I’ve ever bought on Amazon. I’m totally in love. I didn’t think I could create a small decking area in our backyard so easily.

Our outdoor areas are so tiny, and it was hard to see the potential. But I managed to create a little space that the kids can play in, while retaining a modern landscaping look inspired from beautiful patios and gardens on Pinterest. These decking tiles are my absolute favourite thing about my new garden. They are available here:

Click-Deck hardwood decking tiles – Click here to buy


These Click-Deck hardwood decking tiles cost £34 and come as a pack of 6, so if you wanted to create a bigger decking area you’d need quite a few packs. They are extremely easy to install – it literally takes 5 minutes. They click pretty easily and are fairly stable. I’d say if you manage to build a large enough area, you can definitely envisage having a seating area, chairs and table, without any issues. I’m keeping this area to display plants. I think it works beautifully.

Plant – Click here to buy


The tiles are very solid and the wood is of very good quality, considering the price – I was pleasantly surprised. It has rained a couple of times since we’ve bought them and so far the wood hasn’t changed in appearance.

Astro turf Artificial grass – Click to buy

Scroll down to read about our choice of artificial grass.



Astro turf / Artificial grass:

Under this lockdown, I’ve found it hard to trust random websites on the internet that I don’t know very well. Companies that promise they can deliver, then when the day comes, they’re not able to get a courier out etc. My husband and I have had our share of disappointment, it just keeps happening. So I resorted to my trusted Ebay and Amazon to see if I could find some astro turf (we’ve been considering this option for a while). And there it was – very affordable artificial grass on Ebay. I jumped in and ordered what I needed for our space. Delivery was quick, the service was great, tracking available and great communication too. The grass is of good quality, no issues with it so far. I love how vibrant the green looks, and the contrast it creates with the decking. To install astro turf (in a simple and cost effective manner) you will need quite a few bits:

These are the items I bought:

Astro turf Artificial grass: click here to buy

Foam underlay: Click here to buy

Joining tape: Click here to buy.

We’ve had it for 2 weeks and so far so good. It has rained, it has been hot, not changes to the texture or quality. We went for the Windsor 16mm. It needs to be fixed properly to the ground; we nailed it down in strategic places to ensure it’s fixed and doesn’t move. On a slightly uneven surface it will never be 100% perfect but then neither is real grass when you think about it, there may be slight bumps etc.

You may want to watch Youtube tutorials before you take the plunge, decide what you will need (some supplies may not be necessary) – we’re not replicating Richmond Park here! our garden is tiny so we went with a very basic installation method i.e. underlay, joining tape and nails.


We’re still working on the rest of the garden, and are awaiting plenty more deliveries to finalise the look. Keep an eye out for future posts where I’ll reveal all the changes we made.


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