AD | Coping with the demands of home learning – in partnership with Joy Learning

A few days after the very first lockdown was announced at the beginning of this pandemic, I looked at my husband and said “Academically speaking, this year is pretty much void, right?” He just sighed. We both had a feeling that we’d just have to erase this year from our children’s academic journey and start over next year! Being a teacher, he knows all too well the struggle to keep children’s interest in learning alive. He knows how hard it is to stimulate their young minds to keep learning at a time like this.

This past year, every time schools closed, he almost singlehandedly took care of our children’s education, home schooling them to the best possible standard and supervising them while they took their online classes. And all this, on top of having to teach from home himself. We have a routine, but let’s be honest – being at home with all the distractions just simply isn’t the same.

In times like these, that feeling of dread for your children’s future is normal. But you don’t have to do it alone, you don’t have to struggle. If you’re a parent who is finding it hard to give your children the additional academic support they need in their school journey, or if you’re simply looking for an affordable tutoring service of great quality, I’d like to tell you about Joy Learning (Click here to visit the website).

Joy Learning was founded in 2012 by an experienced teacher and Head of Year, Joy Liasu. This is an affordable and efficient tutoring service that I’ve used for my son 13-year old Kenzo.

The service started off with Joy as a sole tutor, but as her waiting list and demand for her services grew over time, it rapidly grew into a learning community, then a fully-fledged business with physical centres around South East London. Joy Learning and its tutors became dedicated to helping several children transition from primary school right through to secondary school as well as A-Levels.

Joy Learning offers tutoring in the following subjects:

Maths and English (all ages)
Physics, Chemistry and Biology (GCSE/A-Level)
11 Plus exam preparation for grammar school entrance

Fast forward a few years, due to Covid-19, the company experienced a very difficult period before eventually having to transition to online video tutoring. However, this didn’t stop it from providing great quality tutoring. The key aspect of Joy Learning is that as a founder, Joy values building great relationships with her clients so that she can best meet their needs as their children develop through various stages of their education.

Having experienced the online learning service myself, I can honestly say I’m extremely impressed and will continue using Joy Learning for our future tutoring needs. Kenzo absolutely loved his English tutor Tabitha, who was extremely professional, friendly and patient. The enrollment process is very straight forward, includes an initial assessment to establish your child’s academic needs; and in just a few clicks, your child will be ready to meet their tutor and start learning.

Having the extra help was a relief for us as parents, because despite my husband being a teacher, there are just some areas of our kids’ education that we may not always be able to cover as well as a qualified tutor in that subject.

Joy Learning is a service I recommend to any parent feeling a bit overwhelmed with the demands of home schooling, and would like the extra support. I would also recommend it for 11 Plus tests or any other type of entry test your child may need to go through. I have partnered with Joy Learning to offer 10% OFF your booking, just mention that you found out about the service through “WAIKI”. Visit the website to find out more and to book.

How are you coping with the demands of home learning during this national lockdown? Is there any area you’re struggling with? Have you considered tutoring? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you, in the comments below!

*AD – This post is in paid partnership with Joy Learning Ltd.

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