The Grand Brighton Hotel | A review

The fact that my stay at The Grand in Brighton lasted just 24 hours and I still experienced first class service says a lot about the level of customer service and attention detail this place has to offer.

My family and I were there for a wedding – which in itself was nothing short of amazing in this stunning, truly grand venue. We booked the room directly from the website a few weeks prior, at a reasonably priced £148 for the night. This included breakfast, which I’ll talk about in a bit because it deserves its own paragraph, in fact it deserves its own standing ovation – it was that good.

There is a lot of history behind the architecture – The Grand definitely is one of Brighton’s landmarks and this is something you notice from the moment you spot the building from a distance, situated right by the sea. Inside, you are taken straight to 1864, when the hotel was first opened. The interior is breathtaking and so beautifully designed. It feels like a total immersion into the past – with its sweeping staircase and the historical art and features throughout the building.

My parents, who attended the wedding with us, managed to get a room with a sea view which I was quite envious of! Our room didn’t come with a view but it was beautiful and comfortable nevertheless: A decent king size bed, a comfortable mattress and pillows… no complaints here, we had a good night sleep. The ensuite bathroom was clean and had everything you would expect or could need.

One thing I had been warned about by a colleague was the cold; being by the sea means that in colder months, you will feel the cold air penetrating the room and the bathroom. Nothing that stopped us from sleeping peacefully but if you prefer a cosier and warmer feel at night without necessarily having to put the heater on all night, I’d recommend wearing appropriate nightwear!

Breakfast as I mentioned earlier was simply delicious. The buffet was very impressive and the choice of food was immense. There was everything you can think of and it all tasted great. Not to mention how gorgeous the dining area was. We enjoyed the olden luxurious feel and the tranquil vibe of the hall. It’s hard to explain… you have to experience it.

Something about this place feels very magical. There’s beauty, there’s comfort, there’s great attention to detail – friendly and courteous staff constantly making sure you’re okay, asking you if you need help or anything else… all done with a smile and a very polite, welcoming tone. The personal touches were present throughout our very short stay, we just felt it.

All in all I would highly recommend staying at The Grand if you’re in Brighton. I plan to return there again (mostly for that breakfast!).

One thought on “The Grand Brighton Hotel | A review

  1. Thank you for the insightful hotel review. I too have had a seaside adventure to Brighton, yet wasn’t fortunate enough to stay at the grand hotel. Maybe when I eventually plan my wedding I could stay there. I encourage you if I may to check out my hotel reviews if you wish 🙂 have a great day


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