The Collective Canary Wharf ~ Review

I didn’t manage to convince my husband to have a huge party for his 40th birthday; being the low-key, very laid back person that he is, he opted for something a lot more simple and intimate. Thankfully I had already booked a stay at The Collective, this modern adult-only co-living space which consists of several individual studios which can be rented either short-term or long-term. I came across it on and was immediately drawn to the gorgeous design of this place, a mix of modern, boho, nature and vibrant colours.

Located a couple of minutes away from Crossharbour DRL station, The Collective is well connected to the rest of Canary Wharf and its surroundings. It has shops, food trucks and small restaurants nearby so you will always have access to anything you might need for your stay.

Booking one of the studios was easy and straightforward with and as with a lot of hotels/serviced apartment bookings, there is the possibility of making special requests. Now this is where I would have liked to have seen staff going over and beyond to make our stay that little bit more special. As this was for my husband’s birthday, I thought I would try my luck and politely ask for something special to be done ahead of our arrival. I would have been happy with a little birthday card, maybe even a piece of cake from their downstairs cafe and a candle on it, a balloon… Anything. Unfortunately my request wasn’t considered, which in itself is not an issue at all – after all Booking does state that some requests may not be fulfilled and that’s absolutely fine. But this is a just a heads up to you – if you were looking to book this place for a special occasion, maybe don’t expect a special gesture as staff may not have the facility to accommodate it.

Aside from this little hiccup I must say we experienced impeccable customer service from the moment we arrived. The receptionists and staff working around the building were all very friendly. As a guest I always pay attention to the way staff address me, and smiles on their faces really matter to me. Everyone smiled and used a friendly tone, which immediately put us at ease.

Our room was located on the 16th floor and had a gorgeous view over the city. We settled quickly and had a look around – a clean, very small but well-designed space, fit for the purpose of a short stay (I personally wouldn’t choose to live there long-term, which I know is an option but you really have to love tiny spaces!). The bed was very comfortable, the pillows huge and fluffy. There is a flat screen TV with the possibility to cast your device to the screen, which we struggled with at first as it didn’t work every time. After a little bit of fiddling and luck, we got there in the end and were able to watch anything (Netflix, etc.). We have no complaints whatsoever about the level of comfort or the overall feel of the room. Noise levels were also very reasonable – you might hear a little bit of chatter from the corridor but that’s pretty much it.

The bathroom was very, and I mean very small; but again, not a problem for the amount of time we stayed. I would have liked a bit more water pressure on the shower but other than that, showering wasn’t bad at all. It was clean and that was the most important thing to me. In the bathroom you will find very basic hotel-type toiletries so I would advise you bring your own.

The kitchenette was small but functional – there is everything you might need for basic cooking, including a microwave oven, stovetop and a small dining area. Plates, cutlery and other kitchen utensils are all available on demand by ringing the ‘hub’ and they will be brought to you. This leads me to the next slight hiccup – I think anywhere that charges well over 100GBP per night should come with full room service. I’m not sure why we were asked to go down to the front desk to pick up additional toilet roll, while plates and cutlery were available through room service… Perhaps something The Collective should look into – if room service is available for some items, why not all?

Facilities at The Collective are open from 7am to 11pm. You will find a pool, sauna, fitness centre, hot tub/jacuzzi, a spa and relaxation area, sun loungers and beach chairs. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful – remember, this is an adult-only space. When we were there, there were mostly young couples.

The pool was probably my favourite part of our stay – I mean it was such a beautiful spot, with stunning views over London. We spent a lot of out time swimming and enjoying the views. I think this is what attracts people to The Collective – such gorgeous facilities with constant views, and sun light right into the building… what more could you ask for? We absolutely loved it and would have spent more time there if we could.

There is a bar and cafe on site which we didn’t get the chance to experience unfortunately, but we definitely will when we come back – because that’s the plan – we’ll definitely be back at some point. This was a lovely stay which I would rate 8/10 and recommend to anyone, especially couples, looking for a few days of relaxation in an adult-only environment. Have you been to The Collective? Would you go? Let me know in the comments!

The views from The 16th floor

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