Christmas gift wrapping inspiration | A simple and sustainable approach

Christmas is approaching and I’m trying something different this year. I wanted to wrap the gifts with a more rustic, sustainable type of wrapping paper so I opted for this roll of eco-friendly brown ‘scrap’ paper. I thought it would work with my simple, low-key theme I have going on this year for Christmas.

Lately I seem to have embarked on on a journey to de-cluttering and simplifying my life. I’ve gotten rid of quite a lot of junk we’ve accumulated over the years. I’m buying less and less clothes. I’m re-purposing and upcycling a lot of things. I’m a bit more intentional about living simply, affordably and with a low maintenance mindset. Generally speaking I think I want to try and adopt this more sustainable approach to life. Is this something you’ve thought about doing? And what do you think of this wrapping paper?

Perhaps it’s a journey I’ll share more about as time goes by – I’m still figuring out what this means especially for someone like me who does enjoy nice things and has an impulse buying problem. This may be my cure.

Click to buy wrapping paper

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