AD – Turning bath time into a playful adventure with Matey!

I remember that day like it was yesterday. My daughter Maelys looked at me with big bright eyes and a huge smile. She held the beautiful black doll I had just bought for her, touched her curls and beamed. It was such a precious moment, and one that repeated itself over and over again, as I continued to introduce more objects, books and even TV shows that featured characters that looked just like her.

So when Matey approached me to participate in their amazing campaign introducing their brand new characters Arlo and Hamina, I got really excited. They’re available in selected Tesco stores throughout the UK and each has been carefully designed to be inclusive and diverse.

It was my first time trying out Matey products and I was glad to see that the formulation is hypoallergenic and preserves good pH balance of the skin, which is perfect for my daughter’s delicate skin. It was also reassuring to know that this is a brand that has existed since 1958, and is therefore trusted by parents all around the UK.

Matey bottles are designed to transform something as simple as a bath into a fun and playful adventure. We’re particularly excited about Arlo, Hamina and the other black characters of the collection because we believe that representation matters. We want our daughter to see a little bit of herself in the toys she plays with, especially since bath time is one of her favourite moments of the day. She not only loves creating her little underwater world, using her toys and her imagination; she also enjoys prepping the bath, watching the water as it rises, seeing the bubbles form (which she refers to as ‘clouds’!).

Speaking of fun in the water, we also feel blessed to have been able to introduce our children to swimming from an early age. I think being able to have fun in the water is such an important and integral part of childhood – whether it’s having access to a local swimming pool, or going on fun trips to the beach as a family. With its playful bottles and friendly characters, Matey has found exciting ways to ensure all children enjoy their bath time and create a really fun Matey Adventure. And believe me when I say we will keep these bottles once they’re empty – they make for great bath toys!

Find Arlo and Hamina exclusively in selected Tesco stores, and discover a whole range of other cute little friends designed for a truly special bath time adventure.

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