Five things I’m learning from my children

One humbling aspect of parenting is realising you can learn just as much from your kids as they can learn from you. Whether it’s small reminders or entire life lessons, children really have a way of teaching you important things, and usually at very timely moments in your life.

Here are five Things I’ve learned from my kids:

1. They are quick to forgive, it’s actually really inspiring to see how naturally they just forgive, hug it out and move on.

2. They remember everything, so if I promise them something but forget to deliver, I’ll definitely hear about it for days – their own little way of holding me accountable and making me keep my word.

3. They go for what they want, and rarely give up until they get it. Whether it’s that gaming time, special treat or whatever else they’ve earned… I love how dedicated they are to getting the things they want, and the things they believe they deserve.

4. They like to finish what they started and don’t often procrastinate. My first born Kenzo is particularly meticulous (borderline obsessed!) with finishing what he has started. Definitely a lesson for me there!

5. They appreciate the simple things in life. My sons not bothered about having the latest brands or living a life of luxury. Not that we don’t treat them, we do, but they don’t seem to succumb to peer pressure easily, unlike me when I was their age!

What have you learned from your children recently?

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