Dreamy DIY: Anthropologie-inspired flower cloud chandelier

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately re-creating my own versions of expensive high end pieces. I will be posting them over the coming weeks. Let’s start with this flower cloud chandelier I found on Anthropologie.com, a beautiful statement piece that I thought would be a great addition to my daughter’s bedroom. It’s such a dreamy look. I just had to create my own.

You will need:

  • A huge amount of toilet rolls (between 30-50 depending on how big you want your chandelier to be).
  • Artificial flower petals (white)
  • Strong glue
  • White spray paint
  • Fairy lights
  • Cord to hang the piece at the end
  • A lot of patience! This project took me days to complete.


The toilet roll flower craft thing – I’ve seen before on Pinterest. I collected empty rolls for a few weeks (I always do, for arts and crafts!) And I used that method to create the base of my chandelier.

I flattened the roll, then using a pencil and ruler, divided it in 3 equal parts. I cut the pieces and ended up with 3 (equally sized) thin cylinders.

I created ‘flowers’ by joining the pieces like so:

I stuck the sides together to secure them.

Then I joined all the flowers together in the shape that I wanted – kind of circular, but imperfectly circular. Keep in mind that I’m creating a ‘cloud’ which is bound to have irregularities.

I stuck them all, and spray painted them white. This is an important step, please don’t skip it. We want the cloud to be on the whiter side.

After it dried, I then stuck on some artificial flower petals. The more petals you have, the better. I do feel like my piece could have done with a few more petals. But that’s okay – at least I know for next time.

After sicking the flowers, and after making sure everything was dry, the next thing I did was to meticulously insert some fairy lights into the piece. You want to insert them in the larger holes/gaps first, and then ‘secure’ the piece by going through the smaller holes.

Hanging the piece was a little bit difficult, and a case of trial and error. I like how the Anthropologie chandelier hangs, but my daughter’s ceiling is extremely high – it would have been impossible to hang it from the ceiling. So I chose a little corner of her bedroom where we like to read books.

I think it works perfectly – a beautiful flower cloud over our heads as we read her bedtime stories. This piece has created the exact dreamy feel I was after…

Night time look:

These fairy lights even came with a remote, which was just perfect and very functional for us.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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