How to make a side table – IKEA JÄLL hack

I recently came up with this side table design after one of my IKEA JÄLL laundry bags broke (the bag itself/fabric, not the legs).

Since the legs were still pretty sturdy and still had a bit of life in them, I started thinking about ways to utilise them. The first idea that came to mind was to make a little coffee/side table. But what would I use as a top? I thought of putting a tray, but nice looking trays are quite expensive. For any upcycling project the goal is always to save money, while giving the piece an upgraded, more high end look.

I figured that a photo frame would work for this project, and would also give it versatility – as you can literally frame any piece of fabric or wall paper, to give your table that really unique look.

You will need:

IKEA JÄLL laundry bag

– A 16 x 12″ photo frame (deep with edges). I recommend the one I bought from Wilko

– E6000 glue, or Hot glue (generous amount)

– A piece of wallpaper, or adhesive paper or any fabric of your choice, to fit the frame.

Step 1:

Remove the fabric part of the laundry bag.

… Until you end up with just the legs.

Step 2:

Frame your wallpaper sample/fabric

Step 3:

Flip the frame over, and place the metallic legs on top of it like the above picture.

Step 4:

Put a generous amount of glue on the sides, where the legs sit on the back of the photo frame. LOADS more glue than what you see on this photo.

You should end up with a cute little table! It’s pretty sturdy, but I wouldn’t recommend heavy usage. Keep it for display pieces and avoid putting very heavy items on it.

This is more of a display/decorative side table.

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