Bright and airy bedroom – Scandinavian / natural toned decor

My husband and I’s bedroom is the one room in the house I haven’t shared much, for many reasons. Firstly, this is our little sanctuary, “where the magic happens”. For a long time I felt quite protective of it. I wanted this room in our home to remain unseen, or at least as little visible as possible.

But as the months went by I realised just how much of my time I was spending on Pinterest looking at other people’s bedrooms in search of inspiration. I realised how useful Pinterest and that gaze into other people’s bedrooms had been to me. Those people had shared a piece of their home, but not their stories. They had given us ideas, not secrets.

And so I changed my perspective and got over any apprehensions. Sharing images of my bedroom is not the same as sharing our private moments with the world. A piece of furniture cannot be compared to the memories my husband and I create in this room. Neither can I equate my interior decor ideas to the intimacy we enjoy in our home. It’s literally just a room, with furniture and decor. It isn’t necessarily the memories and the stories – those are things that can still remain within us, inaccessible to the the world, and that no one can take away from us.

Bed – IKEA Malm (Originally black, but covered with light wood effect contact paper)

Art prints – made by me, using wallpaper from Wilko

I built a photo and jewellery display using a wooden pole and a few nails. I wasn’t sure I would be able to pull it off but the vision came through and I couldn’t be happier with it.

I also created a little writing corner for myself, a place where I can get creative, away from noise and chaos.

All in all, my bedroom makes me feel relaxed and at peace. Our previous furniture was black and didn’t make my room feel very cosy. The decor was also quite lazy and without detail. I’m glad I’ve been able to revamp this space and make it what it is today.

4 thoughts on “Bright and airy bedroom – Scandinavian / natural toned decor

  1. I love the decor and colour palette very soothing! In particular the pictures and memories of you and your husband. It’s a reminder of who you both are before and after the kids and that you both come first! Looking forward to seeing more parts of your home! x

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    1. Thank you Vea!! You are absolutely right re: the photos I really wanted them to act as a reminder of what we are as a couple, within our own space that is this bedroom. Thanks love Xx


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