New year, new drive

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New year, new drive. New year, new habits. New motivation. New workflow, new deadlines. This is more or less what you can expect from me in 2017 – and I’ll try my best to stay committed to this. A lot of people have told me that I’m onto something, with this blog. And I’ve started to realise this. The problem is, I’ve not been as dedicated to it as I would have liked to be, over the past year. It’s completely my fault and I plan to change this.

My aim has always been to share aspects of my life, my lifestyle, my hobbies, my passions… and present them in a stylish and elegant way. I think over the past year I’ve managed to do this with some of my posts but I haven’t always been very consistent. And when it comes to blogging – and pretty much anything in life – consistency is key. The more I neglect this blog the more it loses the essence of what it is, and what it could potentially be. So I do hope every single one of you will stick with me while I increase and improve my content on this platform.


I’ve set myself some new blogging goals and I’ve bought my new 2017 to help me achieve them. There’s a dedicated section for all my blogging/vlogging for the coming year, to make sure I never run out of ideas. Going forward I plan to publish at least one new post per week. My Youtube channel will also see an increase in video content although I don’t think I can give you an exact figure right now. But I’m hoping to post at least two new videos per month. I think that’s a good starting point!

I will continue blogging about food and horsey stuff but will increase my style-related posts – a glimpse into my wardrobe, or the kind of wardrobe I dream to have. I will also introduce a focus on interiors, not just interior design but the art of making a house a home, and everything this entails for example, tips on how to keep your environment homely and relaxing, etc.

As per usual, there will be the odd recipe and restaurant review… and if I visit a new country or a lovely hotel, you will know about it.

So, these are my commitments for the coming year (and beyond). It would really help and encourage me if you embarked (and stayed) on this journey with me. And brands, if you want to collaborate, I’m always up for it. Drop me an email.



6 thoughts on “New year, new drive

  1. Thank you for being so you and so honest…As a start-up blogger myself, I really look up to your blog…so elegant, so simple and so relatable! As a Congolese, you have a soft spot as I know there is not a big community of us out there… So I promise to stay put, and look forward to the 2017 journey. Have a blessed year! ❤


  2. “My aim has always been to share aspects of my life, my lifestyle, my hobbies, my passions… and present them in a stylish and elegant way”

    I definitely think you’re succeeding in this. I really enjoy the aesthetics and content of your blog. It’ll be great to read more posts from you – I look forward to it 🙂


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