Brunch at Christopher’s, Covent Garden ~ An honest review


A few days ago, I arranged to meet up with Debra for a quick bite. I had been looking forward to this for a long time. Yes to new friendships, yes to fellow bloggers/vloggers who understand your need to film or photograph every single part of your dining experience. And quite frankly, yes to simply beautiful, kind and funny souls like Debra. I’m always grateful for the people God places on my path.

But back to this restaurant review… Continue reading

Dinner at Flat Iron Steak, Covent Garden ~ Review


Have you heard of the £10 steak? Well, here it is. At Flat Iron Steak, you get the steak, the complementary pop corn and ice cream for dessert… all for £10. I added the sides and I think I ended up paying just under £15 for the entire meal. Continue reading