Grilled marinated sea bream ~ recipe

This recipe is one of my absolute favourite fish dishes, great as a summer meal but also a very healthy option as it’s grilled in the oven (as opposed to fried). Marinated in a delicious mix of bell peppers, Lazy Garlic and Lazy Ginger and spices, the fish really absorbs all the flavours and tastes amazing with a side of rice, plantain, or sweet potatoes. Continue reading “Grilled marinated sea bream ~ recipe”

Dinner at Flat Iron Steak, Covent Garden ~ Review


Have you heard of the £10 steak? Well, here it is. At Flat Iron Steak, you get the steak, the complementary pop corn and ice cream for dessert… all for £10. I added the sides and I think I ended up paying just under £15 for the entire meal. Continue reading “Dinner at Flat Iron Steak, Covent Garden ~ Review”