AD | Protective styling with Luvme Hair Headband wigs

Introducing the Luvme Hair headband wigs – the protective wig that comes with a selection of gorgeous headbands.

I don’t know about you, but my hair is such a major part of my style and beauty regimen. I don’t consider myself ‘ready’ in the morning until I’ve styled my hair.

Whether I choose to wear a wig, rock a ponytail or my natural hair, getting my hair on point is the one thing that really completes the look and helps make me feel confident before stepping out the house. I can actually go a whole day without makeup; but a whole day without attending to my hair? Never.

Lately I’ve been very intentional about my hair looking right, but with the amount of choice there is out there, hairstyling can get a bit confusing. Which type of hair do you buy? Which type of closure? What sort of lace should you go for?

I’ve partnered with Luvme Hair to show you a different way to style your wig, that is easy, beautiful, versatile and practical. And this works great as a protective style.

With this headband wig, you can style your hair without having to worry about closures and lace fronts. Just put on the wig, secure it with the clips and choose your headband.

I’m wearing the Wet and Wavy Headband wig. The hair is 100% Virgin hair, and of amazing quality. It involves no lace, no glue and still looks very realistic, because guess what – a headband can hide a multitude of sins! No need to worry about that slightly misplaced closure, or that lace you didn’t quite cut properly… And believe me, this is really helpful. Because I’m not the best at styling lace front wigs, in fact I’m a little bit clueless about it.

So this headband wig is absolutely perfect for me – As a busy working mum, I don’t always have the time to dedicate to complex and lengthy hair styling techniques. However it matters to me that my hair looks on point and enhances the way I look.

The best thing about Luvme Hair headband wigs is that you don’t need to be skilled in wig installs, these wigs will literally take you 10 seconds to put on, and will feel so comfortable on your head too.

There’s a massive choice of headband wigs on the website, as well as lengths and colours. What’s more, if you buy one wig, you’ll receive a random selection of five headbands, giving you massive versatility in terms of styling. Have fun with it! And if you prefer other wig styles, check out their curly wigs for example, such a huge choice as well!

Go on… treat yourself to a Luvme headband wig. And you’ll be glad to know – I’ve got you! Enjoy 20% OFF your order, using my code: WAIKI

AD declaration: This post is in paid partnership with Luvme Hair.

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