AD│ A caring gift for little hands – Childs Farm Hand care tin

If there’s one thing this year has taught me, it’s that we can never be “too hygienic”. Growing up, good hand hygiene was something my mother used to insist on all the time, and I’m glad she raised us that way. Today I find myself using a similar approach when it comes to my own children – teaching them to not only wash their hands regularly, but also keep them soft, nourished and moisturised especially in colder weather.

With the festive season fast approaching, the Childs Farm Hand care tin makes an amazing Christmas gift and is also the perfect little tool (this year especially!) to encourage the little ones to be intentional about their hand washing routine.

Inside the tin, you’ll find a grapefruit and organic tea tree hand wash, grapefruit and organic tea tree hand cream; and for those cute little nails, a file, buff, and a smooth and shine nail block. If this isn’t the ultimate hand care package, then I don’t know what is!

The tin also has a beautiful floral design that celebrates Great Britain’s diverse and colourful flora and can be re-purposed into a lovely little storage box.

I’m particularly pleased about the fact that the hand cream is fast absorbing and ultra-hydrating. My children and I are all prone to dry and cracked skin around winter, so we need our hand creams and body lotions to provide that extra amount of moisturisation. Tea tree has some amazing benefits – this cream leaves the skin feeling restored and is suitable for those with sensitive skin.

I’ll be honest, seeing my 2-year old daughter becoming more and more independent, finding her feet and refusing my help when washing her hands always makes me feel a bit emotional! It’s interesting to see how quickly she’s growing and how much she insists on doing it herself “like a big girl”. But more than anything, the feeling I have is one of pride – she honestly never ever forgets to wash her hands and knows why it’s important to do it.

As for my sons, they too have developed great habits when it comes to their hygiene and keeping their hands clean is one I never have to remind them to do either… especially in these current times, when hand washing is (or should be) on everyone’s mind! My sons each have a Childs Farm hand cream in their school bags too, to ensure their hands stay soft and moisturised throughout the day.

We’re already huge fans of Childs Farm products, having used most of their range of soaps and lotions. So we’re used to the amazing scents and overall gentle, soft feel of the products on the skin. The hand care tin is another one of Childs Farm’s wonderful little surprises that’s guaranteed to put a smile on a child’s face this Christmas. I have partnered with Childs Farm to bring you 15% OFF on all full price items on the website, using code WAIKI15. This code ends on 31st December 2020. Click here to order (link opens in new window).

AD – This blog post is a paid partnership with Childs Farm.

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