The return on investment will be sweet

Lately I’ve been thinking about the importance of investing in our marriage, and what this actually means in tangible terms.⁣

Becoming parents will have you re-adjusting your priorities, and quite rightly so. These little beings need love, attention, education, entertainment… But I think it’s just as important, as a married couple, to never stop investing in our relationship too.⁣

Prioritising your marriage doesn’t mean neglecting your role as a parent. It just means you’ll be better equipped to go through both with a sane mind.

Looking back, why is it that over the years, we have found it normal to spend thousands on our children’s entertainment, but when it comes to spending money on a couple’s holiday somewhere idyllic, excuses often came up (money, childcare, time…)?⁣

Why is it that we don’t hesitate to buy our kids the latest gaming consoles, or even less materialistic things (extracurricular activities, sports, tutoring etc.) but investing in a few marriage counselling sessions seems like a difficult and costly thing to do?⁣

Gifts or holidays abroad may not be your love language, but even if it was quality time or whatever else you value in your marriage, that tank needs filling up too.

I thank God that we’ve been able to afford more than the basic necessities for our children. But it’s about time we come to a place where we feel comfortable investing just as much towards ourselves. The return on investment is guaranteed to be sweet.

What are your thoughts on this post?

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