My journey to becoming fearless and happier

I don’t really know how to start this post, but I just thought I’d share some observations I’ve made about myself lately. I am blooming. I am getting out of my comfort zone. I am taking bold steps. I am trying new things. I am asserting my worth. I am on a journey to becoming fearless and happier.

These are not just positive affirmations. They are my reality, and the journey I’m currently on.

It hasn’t been an easy process, and I’m nowhere near where I ultimately want to be. As a person I’ve always been quite self-critical and have always experienced self-doubt. But lately I’ve become a lot more comfortable and willing to put myself out there, even if it means feeling vulnerable in the process.

Some of you may have noticed a sudden surge in my content, or should I say my online presence. A sudden boost in confidence and a newfound momentum. I’ve been quite productive and intentional with my creativity. I’ve been sharing a lot of myself on Instagram, a lot of personal thoughts in my captions.

And I think generally speaking the last few months have been a journey of self-discovery. I’ve written about the lessons I learned during this pandemic, but today I’d like to focus on the person I’m becoming.

I’m trying new things, because I’m not getting any younger and there will never be a ‘perfect time’.

I’m asserting my worth, because my time is precious and I should be paid, compensated or recompensed for the work I do.

I’m embracing my body and the things I struggled to love about myself, because God didn’t make any mistakes.

I’m no longer comparing myself, my life, my career and my creative work to other people. Because my journey is my own, unique and designed by God.

I’m paying less attention to people’s opinion of me, because I should care more about what God says about me.

I’m growing and learning about aspects of society, as well as history that I was never taught before, because education is a lifelong endeavour.

I’m taking bold steps and entering a new season in my life, because I no longer want to feel ‘behind’, or like I’m stalling.

I’m growing spiritually and praying for people, because it draws me nearer to God.

I’m rejecting the ‘people pleaser’ mentality, because it’s unhealthy to live in pursuit of everyone’s approval.

I’m walking away from meaningless friendships, because friendships that have run their course often require a forced and disingenuous approach.

Where are you at?

If you’re reading this, I hope this season has taken you on a similar journey, if you weren’t already on one. I hope you have managed to identify areas of your life or within yourself that needed to be revived, or worked on. I hope you’re taking the steps towards becoming the person you want to become, fearless, bold and determined.

If you wish to talk about it, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

What are your thoughts on this post?

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