I made a lampshade! Bespoke Binny lampshade making class – Review


This is by far the most exciting thing I’ve taken part in during this lockdown. Bespoke Binny is a brand I’ve been following for a long time. Natalie, the face behind its beautifully handmade products, is a very talented designer-maker with a great eye for decor. Bespoke Binny sells African inspired lampshades, aprons, pillows and other hand crafted items. 

Check out the Etsy store here or visit Bespoke Binny’s official website.

Natalie recently launched an online lampshade making course – definitely the kind of thing I love to get involved in, so I jumped on the opportunity and enrolled.

I’m so happy with how the lampshade turned out, I actually would love to make some more! For more info, prices, and to book a class, visit Bespoke Binny’s official website.


The entire kit arrived by post, in a box, consisting of a piece of fabric (optional if you have your own fabric), the lampshade ring set and all the other tools needed to DIY it with ease. I went for this stunning vibrant blue fabric as it matches some wall art I have in my living room and I thought it would add an extra bit of colour to my rather neutral living space.


Once you enrol on the course, you are given access to a video that teaches you every single step. It’s easy to follow, Natalie is thorough in her explanations and the result speaks for itself – look at how neat the lampshade looks, if I may say so myself! I think this will get even easier if I do it a few more times, so watch this space – I may just start doing them on a regular basis! after all a lampshade is a lovely gift idea for friends and family.


This course has definitely taught me a new skill that I can nurture and perfect further, using new fabrics and different size lampshades.

For more info, prices, and to book a class, visit Bespoke Binny’s official website.

2020-05-11 063755526597997436913..jpg


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