Equestrian home decor ~ 10 Interior design ideas


It’s a shame I can’t impose my love for horses on my beloved family. Our apartment is relatively small and whilst a small touch of it would be regal, it would also create a kind of equine-themed claustrophobia that I wouldn’t want my family to suffer from!But I do love the look of a spacious, modern or country house with an equestrian flair, something I plan to own in my lifetime. I’m thinking, when the kids fly the nest and my husband becomes to old to even care about how I decorate the house!

In the mean time, I couldn’t help but surf the net in search of home decor ideas to give my future home (and yours too, if that’s what you’re looking to achieve) that horsey goodness – whatever your budget.

I like subtly when it comes to interiors. I wouldn’t over do it with equestrian pieces in every corner of the room. Neither would I go for very bright colours, and over-stated patterns… I’d probably stick to a simple and subtle look, and for colours: pastels, navy, greys and browns.

See below for some inspiration on how to subtly add equestrian design touches to your home. There are so many options online, but these are just a few pointers.

Every item has been linked to the site where you can purchase it.


Equestrian wall art £149.47


Ralph Lauren Dorset stirrup napkin ring ~ £37


Franco horse head sculpture  £98.74


Horse portrait  £198 (Dimensions: H: 70.4 W: 90.4 D: 4.3cm)


Horse cushion £31.13


Equestrian wall art £8


Eichholtz Venture letter/magazine rack £142

Life of Riley Hide trunk.jpg

Life of Riley Hide trunk ~ £295


Equestrian bookend set ~ £27.01


Riviera Maison Cortina serving tray £41

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