The adventures of Selika ~ An upcoming equestrian film


Some time last year I came across a photo of the real Selika Lazevski (pictured above – left) and was left completely mesmerized. Selika was a black  écuyère, a dressage rider who rode in French circuses and hippodromes in the 19th century. I developed a fascination for her, talked to my friends about her, posted her photo on my Instagram page and started reading more about her online. So I’m sure you can imagine how thrilled I was to find out that a film about her life was currently in production, directed by Sybil Mair and starring the very talented actress Karidja Toure, who will be playing the lead role of Selika. This is a story I cannot wait to see unfold on my screen. 

Filming has begun and Karidja has been posting behind the scenes photos of the production on Instagram. So far the project is looking amazing – wardrobe, set… As a filmmaking aficionado and a rider, this is one project I wish I had been a part of. She’s learning to ride specifically for the film – I’ve been following this journey from afar too, very endearing!

I’m glad to see that a story of a black female rider is being told through film – these are our stories and they need to be told. Look out for “The Adventures of Selika” on social media. I’ll be writing about the film again once it’s out.

For more information about Sybil Mair and her previous equestrian film, visit her website.

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