Tried and tested ~ Arbonne skin care

I’m currently preparing for our family holiday (6 more sleeps!) but before I go, I really wanted to tell you about an event I attended not too long ago. It was hosted by the lovely Catherine, one of Arbonne’s independent consultants, in a beautiful location near my house.

Arbonne is a brand I had never heard of before, but I’m glad I attended the workshop. It was an afternoon of discovery, skin care and cosmetics chit chat, meeting new people and of course a great occasion to find out more about the brand and all its products – and they do sell quite a few things

Read on to find out about my experience…


I don’t know much about skin care. My routine is quite simple – wash, moisturise, repeat. I thought the event would be an opportunity for me to start taking that side of my health a bit more seriously, get advice on a skin care routine and possibly try out some of the products.

I remember a couple of years ago, my friend (who is a cosmetic scientist) asked me which anti-ageing cream I used. She was shocked to hear that I didn’t actually use any on my skin. She went on to say that I should have started from the age of 21. “I didn’t get the memo” I said quietly. And it’s true. No one had ever told me this before. Since that day, my skin care regimen has been this little thing at the back of my mind – something I knew I needed to start taking a bit more seriously, and probably also invest in.

But… just where do you start?!

The event was actually very informative. I learned about Arbonne as a brand, how it embodies what I like to refer to as Swiss excellence (because, let’s be honest, the Swiss just seem to be great at a LOT of things!) I learned about its botanically based ingredients, its earth-friendly ethos and so much more. I was really impressed with everything I saw on the day, so I agreed to try some of the products at home.

Guys. I was blown away.

Side note: I think it’s worth mentioning that I’ve not been sponsored for this post, so you know you’re getting a real, honest review here! 

Within hours of using the cleanser, moisturiser, eye gel and serum from the “Calm” range, my skin felt brand new. In fact my face had never felt so soft, so pure. Applying the gentle daily moisturiser (seen in the photos below) felt like applying air on my skin, whilst still getting all the benefits of a great moisturiser – it was that pure, that gentle. I’m guessing this is where the Calm name originates from. It really does give you that feeling of calm and smoothness. The cleanser, as light and as gentle as it is, removed all my makeup effortlessly – I was impressed at how thorough it was on my heavily clogged up pores. I didn’t get the tingling feeling I sometimes get with some high street brands that I’ve tried before. It’s definitely a better alternative to wipes – less aggressive on the skin.

I did try the anti-ageing skin care but it would be difficult for me to comment on the long term results as I only had the products for a few days. I think I’d need to use them over a longer period of time. However, I can tell the range is quality. The night repair cream was particularly great on my skin – I did feel the effect of this overnight.

I was also given a sample primer to try out, which I’m still using and will be purchasing when I return from my holiday. The primer is amazing. It reduces the shine significantly (I have oily skin on my face, so yes, that shine is an issue for me!) I have used primers before by two other brands. Usually I would need to re-touch my makeup a couple of times during the day. Using the Arbonne Makeup primer, I didn’t need to re-touch at all. Not once. I was impressed.

So, all in all this is a brand I’d recommend, one hundred percent. The price range is similar to what you would find in most department stores; these are premium products that will last you quite a while. So if this is within the price bracket you’d normally consider for your skin care products, then definitely give Arbonne a try.

You guys know I’ve been using a certain high street brand when it comes to my skin, I’ve mentioned it in one of my videos before and I’ve been quite happy with it so far. Well, I can honestly say, after trying Arbonne I’m re-thinking some of my choices. Even though I may not be able to buy all of the products right now (and Lord knows I’d love them all!), at least I’ve become more conscious and more aware of what goes on my skin.

It’s great to know that there are better, healthier alternatives out there.

Catherine Pearson is an independent consultant for Arbonne.



Twitter: @CatLPearson

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