Tried and tested ~ POLAGRAM.

With the art of printing photos slowly fading away, and being replaced by

online sharing and storing photos away in computer files that get forgotten about, or end up in some “trash” folder… apps like Polagram are a godsend. They allow you to turn your digital photos into a cute little book. Nothing new here, this kind of service has been available online for a while. But I absolutely love Polagram – this simple and user-friendly app turns your digital or social media photos into prints, books, posters, phone cases, or giftboxes in just minutes, without the complicated desktop experience and slow delivery service. I got myself a lovely little book filled with family photos, and I’m thinking of getting a brand new one for every new event in my life, every story and every special occasion.


Just like traditional printing services the app lets you import photos from different sources, but this one includes social media. While creating your book you will have the option rearrange them as you like, both inside and on the cover, plus add a title to the cover.

My book was delivered within 4 working days. My order cost me a total of £23.80 (incl. VAT) and this was for one book containing 26 photos.

Don’t be put off by the slight lack of definition and detail on some of the photos, especially those imported from social media sources. Photos posted online are always compressed and will lose a bit of definition by default, so that’s totally understandable. I really can’t fault the app. Whether you want a little book of your best Instagram or Facebook pics, photos of a particular event in your life or just your very own book of selfies (why not?!), go over to POLAGRAM to find out more and download the app. I have been given some voucher codes I’m happy to share with you guys, so leave a comment below if you’re interested!

2 thoughts on “Tried and tested ~ POLAGRAM.

  1. I agree. There’s something special about having your photo’s on print as well.
    I will have to try out this app, because it looks like it’s something that will work better for me.
    Nice shots btw 🙂


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