What I’m reading ~ “Lean in” by Sheryl Sandberg


I am currently half way through this amazing book. It has given me

so much drive and inspiration to push through in some areas of my life where I feel I lack confidence, including my career. Interestingly enough the book itself has received mixed reviews online… I will remember to post mine once I’m done with it.

Click here to buy the book.Just to give you a bit of background on my current situation: I am a mother of two, a housewife and I also work part-time from home. Since I graduated from university, got married and had my children, I have always had part-time jobs, and most of them have been from home. During that time, I was very complacent and comfortable, working easy and unchallenging jobs. Lately it dawned on me that I was probably wasting my potential. I have so much more to give – although I don’t know exactly how it could translate into a meaningful career. I guess that’s where I need direction.


The problem is that during that time, I also lost a great deal of confidence. I tried to re-train in something else but gave up at the slightest hurdle. That was a huge lack of confidence on my part. I attempted to start a new career in the field I am most familiar with – media, but felt intimidated and overwhelmed by the harsh realities of job seeking: the long, daunting recruitment processes, the tough interview questions, the never ending application forms. This apparent laziness is also due to my lack of confidence. It just hasn’t been easy getting back to “work” after having my children and spending so many years working from home.

This book does not have all the answers, but so far it does make a good case for the idea that women should in fact lean in and go for higher levels and positions in the work place. I am encouraged, to say the least, to give my career that final push. Because I know I have potential, I just need to unleash it.

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