My horse riding story


People often ask me about my horse riding journey. I first

became familiar with horses at the age of 11. I lived in a small village in Belgium at the time, where equestrian sports were quite popular. A few of my friends owned horses and we would spend afternoons looking after them. I started riding around that age too – my mother would send me on horse riding camps all over Belgium, one in particular that helped me develop my riding skills and confidence. I continued (on and off) throughout my teenage years but stopped when my family moved to England in 2000. However, even during that time, I never stopped loving horses and was very keen to return to riding at some point.

I didn’t join a riding school until much later, in fact it was only a long time after I got married and had my children that I officially got back into the equestrian world. I rode at The Docklands Riding School and took private lessons there on and off for about a year until I felt it was time to look for a school that was a bit more adapted to my needs. I tried out various places, they all had their pros and cons. I didn’t give up though, I was determined to find the right riding school. In the end I settled for Greenwich Equestrian School. I haven’t looked back since – it is the best place for me. The instructors are amazing and the horses adorable.

I try to ride on a weekly basis although this isn’t always possible due to all the other things going on in my life. Returning to riding after having children has not been easy at all, but when I decided to do it, I was determined to become better at it than I had never been.

Even when I can’t ride I make sure I spend time around horses, visiting stables etc. Very often at the expense of other things. My love and passion for horses is often misunderstood – this sport is both isolating and expensive. I will probably expand on that in future posts.

I’m actually looking to connect with fellow riders my age who feel more or less the same.

Equally, if you are interested in learning more about horse riding, leave a comment below and feel free to ask questions. I will also be blogging tips on how to get started and find the perfect riding centre for you.


2 thoughts on “My horse riding story

  1. AW it’s so lovely that you’ve gone back to something you love after having your kids. After a 10 year riding hiatus I found it very difficult to get back my skills and still struggle with some things that used to come quite naturally!


    1. Thanks for your comment! Yes, some things don’t come as naturally as they used to. I’m so glad I have instructors who understand this and take it one step at a time when they teach me 🙂

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