A little tour of… my living space

flat6When we first moved in to this duplex apartment in London’s Royal Arsenal, we literally walked into a blank canvas. White everywhere – the walls, the furniture, the sofas… We had to inject splashes of colour to give it life and re-invent the entire space. This was the exciting part. I made the above flower frames by using artificial sunflowers and frames, all from Wilko.flat3

This apartment consists of crisp lines and an all-white theme across both floors. It has a mezzanine, which was its selling point for us. But most importantly, very large sets of windows that let out a huge amount of light.

The block actually reflects the uniform nature of all the apartments here – that clinical yet sleek and modern look. I like the fact that this uniform-ness gets broken by the addition of greenery and landscape design created within the compound.


And this is exactly what I ended up doing in our home – I added some feel good colours that would make the space a lot more homely and warm. Yellow was the choice of colour, and I guess it worked well with the black and the white.

But the yellow didn’t stop there. I also bought some African fabric from a store on Ebay and created this medium-sized canvas to go above one of the sofas. I will do a tutorial for this very soon – it was pretty easy to make!  The flowers in the vase are actually my wedding bouquet, plus a couple of yellow flowers from Wilko.

Black and white cushions – TK MAXX

Yellow vase – TK MAXX

Yellow cushions – Ebay

Sofas – IKEA


Creating good light in my apartment is just as important to me as creating good lighting on a film set. I love a well-lit home. This lamp actually came with the apartment, believe it or not! and I’m not sure where it’s from. We didn’t really have a use for it when we first moved in, it used to be in our bedroom actually. Until I had the idea to put it in our living room. On the walls, a black and white photo collage of all our best family photos from the past few years. Come to think of it, it needs updating! And finally, more yellow flowers…


As I said earlier, my favourite thing about this place is the mezzanine. It overlooks the dining area. It has changed slightly since I took this photo – there is now a black piece of furniture where the plant is.


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